Keep Walking

Our Keep Walking Group aims to promote health, wellbeing and social support.


Being physically active is one of the most important steps anyone of any age or ability can take to improve their health, and walking is an excellent way to increase activity.
Walking can help you lose weight, but walking also…
• Strengthens your heart
• Boosts creativity
• Manages stress
• Builds energy
• Improves fitness
• Promotes better sleep
• Increases life expectancy
• Is good for your bones

The benefits of walking are endless, and most of all, walking feels good and is fun!
It is easy to do, and all you need is a good pair of shoes.

Keep Walking!


10.00am - 11.00am
Location: Valentines Park
Cranbrook Road, Ilford
(near Cafe/Children’s Play area)

9.30am - 11.00am
Location: Valentines Park
Cranbrook Road, Ilford
(near Cafe/Children’s Play area)

To join, please register online


TARACC Coffee Morning Mondays and Saturdays

TARACC Coffee Morning to meet for socialising and support
At Valentines Park Garderner's Cottage Cafe, Emerson Road
On Mondays and Saturdays after the Keep Walking Group
From approximately 11.30a.m

A message from the Keep Walking Group Leader

Welcome to the Keep Walking Group. 

We are reaching out to you to meet up once a week for a walk around Valentines Park.

With everyone in ‘lockdown’ for so long, there’s no better time than now to get out and get moving.

The weather is great, the fresh air and scenery are uplifting and good for our mental health.


All you need is a good pair of trainers or walking shoes and a bottle of water.

If you have any concerns about your physical or other health issues please get advice from your GP before coming on the walks.

We aim to follow Government’s guidelines on social distancing by walking in pairs and keeping two metres apart.

See you soon,


Now that Summer is here and fewer Covid-19 restrictions, what better time to re-start the walking sessions.

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