Relentless Realities

New releases this summer from Roy Merchant
Relentless Realities Book Cover

We are nearly there!

I say nearly there. I am so pleased that after a lifetime of writing poems and the last five years of short story and novella writing; I have got three more books in a shape that I am getting proud to be associated with.

One of them, Relentless Realities is ready and in the pre-order stage, - you can order the paperback and Kindle now, and be the first in the queue when it is published on 30th September 2021.

The second book to be on Amazon will be Images (Felix The Cat and Other Stories) a wide-ranging collection of short stories, covering love and guilt, hope and fear, faith and strength. This will be published on Saturday 21 August 2021 in a joint release with the third book, a novella called Distorted Lens.

Images Book Cover
Distorded Lens book cover

Distorted Lens is a story of, Love, courage, weakness, strength, loyalty and disloyalty seen through the eyes of the father and his son. Two mothers have to choose between the family that reared them and the new family and children they are creating in the changing Metropolis called London. Distorted Lens tells their story and the choices they make.


All three books will be priced at £8.49 for the paperback and £4.99 for the Kindle version on Amazon and all good stores.